A Beacon of Hope: Michael Capiraso on How Runners Can Still Enjoy New York City

Michael Capiraso is a household name within the New York City running community. He has established himself as a resilient leader that has had many accomplishments throughout his tenure as former CEO and President of New York Road Runners. While there was a heavy focus on increasing the organization’s revenue and reputation, Michael did a great job building strong relationships and partnerships with other companies and advocates within the running world.

One of his notable accomplishments was his commitment to developing a strong connection to the city’s youth and local community. New York Road Runners sponsored free youth programs that were attended by many and there were events not only in New York City but nationwide. The program focused on teaching kids the importance of health, wellness in addition to fitness, specifically the art of running.

Capiraso recognized that with the increase in technology use especially for the younger generations, it was important to create a space for fun and movement. The program was based around the Rising New York Road Runners curriculum that gave a strong foundational understanding of health and wellness introduced through running.

New York Road Runners also had a mission to support adult runners. The organization would host a multitude of 5K runs and walks throughout the city that would be frequented by people of various backgrounds, running experience and fitness levels. One of the motivating factors behind Capiraso’s passion to continue teaching others to run was the fact that doing something new and different inspired many to continue running or maintaining a healthy life style. Some went on to run marathons and partake in a variety of races and walks, while others used the experience as a stepping stone of motivation to learning something totally new.

The running community has only continued to grow and get stronger. With Capiraso’s insight, experience and passion, he was able to ignite a whole movement that still makes an impact in other’s lives today.

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