Asot Michael: A Mix Of Humanitarian And Politician

A man once said, “Organizing for Action: We’re the people who don’t just support progressive change—we’re fighting for it.” That man is Asot Michael, humanitarian and politician combined; a man devoted to bettering the lives of those in his Antiguan community. The route he chooses to accomplish this is through serving in the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, from where he seeks to influence the socio-political climate of the region he loves so much. He has tremendous experience with administration and policy-making, which brings much to the table to enhance lives for the better.


Michael had always displayed an interest in being a business and economic leader even when he was young. He gained much of the needed knowledge to accomplish this by attending Barry University earning a BA in Business Administration and the University of Miami Graduate School of Business with an MBA (Pinterest). 


After all his schooling was complete, honorable politician Asot Michael took all that knowledge back to his homeland Antigua & Barbuda country to help the people there. He has a colorful history, once serving as Special Administrative Assistant to Prime Minister Lester Bryant Bird, with whom he later served as Chief of Staff as well. Following this, Asot Michael began serving as Senator and Leader of Government Business in Parliament, and it was during this bout of public service between 1999 and 2003 where he created the most improvement in the lives of his community. 


During this same time, he had become head over Public Works including communications, insurance and energy. He also became involved with the St. John’s Development Corporation at this time as well. Asot Michael has always stood for the underdog and the little guy, continuing his good work to this day. Interwoven within his workings are the family political values instilled in him from a long line of hard-working entrepreneurs. For Asot Michael, these are the values that fuel his unfailing passion and determination to do good for causes dear to his heart. They are why he is unrelenting in his quest to better lives, thereby making the world a better place simply for having him in it.