Author Solutions Is Connecting Writers With Readers

Author Solutions has one goal and that is to make it possible for talented writers to share their work with the world by supporting their efforts to get published. Their headquarters is in Bloomington, Indiana but their support for authors stretches across the globe, in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Africa, India and Singapore. Author Solutions began their work in 1997 and since then they have been able to help almost 250,000 authors to get published.

For many years Author Solutions has been leading in the world of self-publishing while collaborating with large publishing companies such as HarperCollins Christian and Simon & Shuster. Indigo Chapters and Ingram are just a couple of the retailers and distributors they work with to make publishing available and more affordable for people who otherwise would never be able to get their work out to the public. The most trusted name in the world of self-publishing, hands down, is Author Solutions.

Author Solutions have iUniverse, the Author Learning Center and at least 10 more supported self-publishing imprints all over the world. They have taken the lead in self-publishing since digital printing, the internet and the development of desktop publishing all converged around 1998 to open up the wonderful new opportunity for authors to self-publish. Up to that point, getting the attention of one of the big publishing companies was the only hope anyone had to get published. Needless to say, a lot of great writing went unpublished in those days because the right person didn’t get to see it.

Some of the world’s most brilliant minds are employed by Author Solutions and their talents are being used wisely to impact the publishing world, as well as the lives of those they enable in self-publishing their creations. They are focused on helping unpublished authors realize their dreams of having millions of people impacted by their words. Refer to this article for related information.


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