Dr. Tom S. Chang and Acuity Eye Group

Dr. Tom S Chang is an ophthalmologist based in Pasadena, CA. He is the founder of the eye healthcare instance the Acuity Eye Group, which began as a single practice, but is now the largest ophthalmology group in the United States with over 60 locations. In addition to his own practice, Dr. Tom S Chang MD is also associated with several hospitals in the Pasadena area, including Methodist Hospital of Southern California and Adventist Health Bakersfield. 


In practice for more than 20 years, Dr. Tom S Chang MD earned his medical credentials from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. Before founding the Acuity Eye Group, he began the first 12 years of his career as a professor of ophthalmology, but shifted to treating patients when he realized that it was his true passion. As an ophthalmology specialist, Tom S Chang MD is one of the few eye healthcare specialists who diagnoses and treats eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma, detached retinas besides loss of vision. 


His practices perform such procedures as laser retina surgery, lens replacement operations, and refractive surgery. Dr. Tom S Chang MD is dedicated to quality patient care as well as patients having a quality overall experience. Currently, Acuity Eye Group is at the forefront of providing patients with automated telemedicine exams, and they are preparing to incorporate innovative technological advances and artificial intelligence into treatment options over the next few years. The intention is to speed up the whole eye exam while quickly identifying in-depth conditions before they turn into disease.