Financier and Humanitarian- Peter Briger

He is the man behind the success of one of the leading alternative asset managers in the world, Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is an expert in the financial industry and has gained vast experience and skills in the sector. Mr. Peter joined the alternative asset management group in 2002, and he climbed the career ladder when he was appointed as the Principle and the Co-Chairman of the alternative asset group. After his appointment, Peter Briger was responsible for building the companies real estate business as well as securities.

Peter Briger was determined to take the firm to another level, and in 2015 he selected a team which helped in raising $4.7 billion to establish a new section of Fortress Investment Group; Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV. Mr. Peter has helped Fortress expand by buying distressed assets from other sectors and selling them at a higher price making profit. Prior to joining Fortress Investment Capital, Briger served at Goldman Sachs and Co. for over 15 years, and while still working at the organization he became a partner in the firm in 1996. While working at Goldman Sachs and Co. Briger had an opportunity to show his leadership skills by serving in different committees among them Global Control and Compliance Committee, Japanese Executive Committee as well as the Asian Management Committee.

Peter Briger has always wanted to work hard and is very determined to lead organizations to success. At Goldman Sachs and Co. Peter co-founded a particular group which was responsible for the firm’s primary revenue stream in mid-2000 when the economy was facing the Great Recession, and due to his skills and experience in the financial knowledge, Goldman Sachs and Co survived the Great Recession. His experience and abilities were earned when he joined Princeton University in 1986 for his Bachelors of Arts, and later he graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Besides finance and leadership, Peter Briger is also a humanitarian who has been supporting the community in many ways. Peter has been funding his former school Princeton University together with two of his colleagues by offering gifts to alma mater in 2015 during a course of developing a pilot funding program. The program was known as Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund. Peter is 43 years, and he has been listed by Forbes as number 47 among the world wealthiest individuals in the world.