John Ritenour has changed the lives of many

John Ritenour has an amazing story. When people watch him speak in international conferences, they fail to realize that the investor was not always successful in his professional and personal life. The success in business means a lot to John Ritenour. His philanthropy, however, means the world to him. When growing in Pittsburgh years ago, John Ritenour was not lucky to have many privileges in life. Being raised in a very underprivileged community made John learn about the struggles of the ordinary people. When John sees successful people driving their dream cars and living the best lives, he remembers his roots. With the IOA achievements, John extends a helping hand whenever it is possible. Ritenour has been in the shoes of the vulnerable people before. When giving out his donations, the serial entrepreneur knows exactly what the needy people need and what they do not. Having a good understanding about the poor individuals has made John Ritenour reach thousands of families and offered the best help.

When it is time to give to the needy people, John Ritenour does not focus on what the community needs to get through the day. The talented insurance veteran focuses on increasing positivity and offering amazing opportunities for the needy so that they can create wealth for themselves. Vulnerable families suffer, according to Ritenour, because they lack opportunities to create their life. The opportunities introduced by Ritenour and his wife have so far created a community that depends on themselves. John knows the challenges faced by new and vulnerable businesses when they get to the market for the first time. By encouraging them and funding their ideas, Ritenour has turned around the fate of many individuals. Those who work hard and remain positive after meeting the insurance professional never get back to their poor status again.

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