The Award Winning Talent of Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander is known as the highly regarded executive producer of the popular SCTV along with live theater at The Second City. His production talents launched the careers of many successful comedians including Dan Aykroyd and the late Gilda Radner. Andrew Alexander’s talent and guidance earned SCTV two Emmy Awards. Andrew Alexander was born in London and later moved to Canada with his family. His early professional career as a magazine editor and marketing manager, along with his time as head of the Toronto Theater, helped formulate his future success in the entertainment industry as a producer.

Andrew Alexander’s talents expand beyond the well-known SCTV. Alexander has developed and produced shows for network and cable television and has worked as co-producer with the likes of MGM Television and Disney Studios. In 2008, Andrew Alexander sought to give back to the acting community and created the Alumni Fund to support actors and stage personnel in need of economic assistance. The Alumni Fund raised over $500,000 in the first months of operation. In 2009 Andrew Alexander was named Chicagoan of the Year by the Chicago Tribune. In 2014, Alexander’s achievements were recognized with the Phi Beta Kappa Distinguished Service Award. In 2018, He was listed as a recipient of Canada’s Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, demonstrating Andrew Alexander’s talents reach beyond the stage and screen.

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