Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen Solar Power

The founders of PosiGen were inspired to start the organization by the desperation of the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The inspiration was to help the local communities rebuild themselves. Ultimately, the founders decided to help the people by providing them with affordable solar energy. Through this, Thomas Neyhart explains, they would help them save money. The approach proved to work, and so they took it up. PosiGen’s mission is made up of four essential aspects. For instance, impacting the local families positively by helping them access affordable solar energy and saving an extra shilling is paramount.¬†


Besides, PosiGen supports communities that are in high need and, most significantly, the black communities. On top of this, PosiGen offers jobs to the members of the local communities. Besides doing these, their attention to the environment remains a great treasure. PosiGen is trying to bring solar power to all people regardless of their status and color. They are doing this by making cost-friendly solar power, easily accessible to all, with a central focus on the low- and medium-income earners, together with the non-whites. Thomas Neyhart states that the interested people are in a position to get access to solar power via the leasing programs. The families that buy this idea can make some savings from the monthly utilities, hence making their future better. Families suffer some huge losses via air leaks. PosiGen is trying to control this menace by frequent audits. 


Once the leaks are managed, the cost becomes friendly to all families. Families can save the extra expenses incurred when paying for the electricity each month by making it cost-friendly. At PosiGen, every customer’s dollar counts and needs to be protected. Heterogeneity is a dominant value at PosiGen. Over 65% of the employees at PosiGen, are non-whites and women. These employees, Thomas Neyhart points out, are from the local community where PosiGen is located, ensuring that the local community benefits from the Company. With the employees from the local community, the community gets the solar education directly from the employees who they can trust better. Therefore, the presence of PosiGen in a community helps to make the community a better place.

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